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There’s a process to entrepreneurship, and I experiment with it, live

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It’s Not Hard to Get Started
I'm one of the upsettingly rare educators teaching entrepreneurship. I haven't sold a big fancy tech startup, but I've started a lot of little businesses and I want to show you how to do the same. Every week, we’ll go through a new experiment to show you how easy it can be to start a project or company, and I’ll personally review what you create.
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Weekly Challenges & Content
There are thousands of ways to start building a business. Each week, I’ll show you how, you’ll build the framework, and we’ll discuss how you might take it further.
Direct Mentorship
You’ll get exclusive access to private webinars where I'll be able to provide direct, personal feedback on your class projects and anything else your building.
A Shared Network and Community
My network and community are yours too. Ask questions, share what you’re building, and learn with - and from - others.
Join My Live Experiments
I learned everything I know about entrepreneurship through experimentation, and I’m still experimenting. Every week I try something new, and I live stream it.

If you want to join the streams, and stay up to date with what I learn each week, you can subscribe below:
12pm - 1:30pm (EST)
We experiment with something new, interview someone amazing, or build a tiny business.
6:30pm - 8pm (EST)
We play a dumb, business-related video game and talk about startup ideas.
Leverage your Macro Content
Most creators don’t fully leverage their longer-form content. Live streams and podcasts can be cut into shareable clips and highlight videos to keep a wider audience engaged in what you have to say.

I run a tiny agency to help creators outsource the entire process.

Just pass off the stream to us, we'll find the most engaging parts, and fix it up for you. No work on your end at all.
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