Let's get your students building

Teaching entrepreneurship is difficult in a classroom setting. It's unpredictable, inconsistent, and hard to grade. But it's not hard to get students started, and I've taught them how to do so at over 80 schools and universities around the world.

If I can help educate your students on how to start their next venture, reach out.

I've worked with:

My most common topics are:

- How to test your startup idea in one day (example)
A basic introduction to customer discovery and interviews - then a simple way to get feedback on your initial idea and find customers before building anything!

- How to prototype without coding (example)
An introduction to what no-code tools do, and how you can use them to build simple websites, apps, and software to prototype your startup idea. You don't need to know how to code to build everything.

- Mini startup live-build (example)
I brainstorm an idea in the first 10 minutes with your students, then I share my screen and build it on camera, narrating as I go, to give a realistic example of how to make something as quickly as possible to test the market.

Email maxmirho@gmail.com to book me :)

" Whether students are early on in their entrepreneurial journey or further along in their learning process, the live-build Max hosted was a great way to develop and cultivate an innovative mindset.

For anyone who is teaching entrepreneurship or innovation, Max hosts engaging experiential learning events that synthesize a range of fundamental and more advanced skills and practices. "

Dr. John H. Wilson (The entre_professor)
Entrepreneurship Professor
Drexel University, Charles D. Close School of Entrepreneurship

Allen Clary

" Max shared with the class the details of his inspirational personal story and then built a ‘hot take’ no-prep startup live right in front of the class based on a student's voted-up suggestion.

Max walked the class through just how quickly one can create a prototype and start collecting user and customer feedback. The class was blown away, Max is an innovator at what he does! "

Allen Clary
Professor of Entrepreneurship
South Florida University

Cy Megnin

" Max came to speak to my MBA Entrepreneurship class.  The students were engaged, and entertained at the same time.  Several of them have used your strategies in their projects with phenomenal results.  I hope you can come back and speak to my class again next semester! "

Cy Megnin
Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship
MBA Program at IUPUC