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Ligma Jokes Over Text

A crowdsourced collection of "ligma" jokes you can send over your preferred messaging app that look like real articles.

Build type:

For fun

Ligma jokes are an old internet phenomenon, where you say something nonsensical to try and get a friend to accidentally say something embarrassing. Those types of jokes only typically work in person, and are very difficult to pull off over text or messages. I built a simple website where you can submit your own ligma jokes in the form of fake articles. When these articles are sent over any messaging app, the thumbnail, metadata, and description all show up as if it were a real article, but when your friend clicks on it, they'll be shown they were tricked, and fell for the joke.

After publishing, I posted the project on Reddit, under r/Ligma and it got a notable amount of traction - over 750 visits from one post.


If you've got an idea you want to put on the site, feel free to submit something!

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