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A/B Testing Landing Pages

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Live streamed on: 
June 17, 2020
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0:04 - Where A-B testing would be the most useful
0:24 - Separating my online class offers
2:59 - Automatic Placements in Facebook ads
4:17 - Why you might want to pay per link click instead of per impression
4:57 - Sheet2Site and how useful it is in a variety of website builds
6:03 - A/B testing and whether or not to “charge” for shipping

Episode Rundown:

Everyone always talks about A/B testing in marketing. It applies to landing pages, ad campaigns, and a bunch more - but the gist of it is this:

A/B Testing is the practice of changing small variables between versions of published content to see which performs better.

A simple example of this would be in running ads. I want to minimize how much it costs to get someone to visit my website, so I publish three ads. They all have the same ad creative - a video showing what I do and why you as the viewer should check it out - but each ad is targeted towards different audiences.

One goes to kids age 14-18, one to ages 18-22, and the last to 22-26. I run all three ads together, and it turns out the second audience likes my ad the most, so I shut down the other two ads and I save money in the long run!

We talk a ton about how this works, and how you can even apply A/B testing to pricing, not just audiences.

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What I learned this week:

This week I learned a ton about sales strategies for my agency project. I've been in a little sales role before, for an internship, but I've never been any good at it. Asking someone to buy something is hard - and ironically, half of entrepreneurship is sales.

But I talked with two of my mentors, and here's what I was recommended. To preface, I'm trying to build an agency around full-service live stream editing. You send me your recorded live stream, I send you back the most engaging pieces, chopped up into whatever format you want. Totally hands-off.

The first mentor suggested a strategy to get better responses, but the effort I would need to put in is pretty high. Instead of messaging a live streamer and saying "Hey I can do awesome stuff with your live streams" I would download one of their live streams, fully edit an example video, and send it to them - cold. It makes sense that it would improve response rates, they get free content - but it's also showing them what they get if they work with you.

The downside, of course, is that it’s a WHOLE LOTTA EFFORT for one cold message. So, I'm planning on giving it a shot, but only using it on top priority clients. If you stream a TON, could obviously leverage your content more, and you clearly want to post more content, then this sales strategy makes sense.

The second mentor suggested a similar strategy. I offer a free video if they promote my name on the posts my agency helps them create.
It’s more free work, and that's not super appealing. My mentor offered to promote to his audience if I do a free video, and I want to give it a shot, but we'll see if it converts to any real leads.

But overall, but I was told to give stuff away for free in the pursuit of sales.
Updates to come soon.

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