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A Newsletter is the Easiest Product to Start

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Live streamed on: 
October 28, 2020

Episode Rundown:

What I learned this week:

It takes no money, no time, and hardly an idea to start a newsletter. Use Substack.com, and it takes even less time.

It's content, so if you write about something niche, you'll build a following over time.

It's often easy to share, so if you want to get into the marketing aspect of it, you can watch how I share all my content here. The same lessons apply to a newsletter, you can share that content like crazy.

And, if you write well enough or have valuable expertise, you can monetize a newsletter easily. Again, Substack makes that incredibly easy. It is hard to find paying customers, but if you stick with it for one or two years, you have a niche topic, and you write consistently, you'll have a massive audience without a doubt, and you can absolutely start charging.

But, you don't need to wait years. You could start charging immediately, but it might take you some time to hit a nice stride or consistency with new content.

Regardless, sign up on Mailchimp or Substack, and start writing if you enjoy it.

But don't start a newsletter if you don't like writing. That would be one hell of a struggle.

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