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Building a Website on your Phone

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Live streamed on: 
December 16, 2020

Episode Rundown:

What I learned this week:

I don't have anything substantial to write today - but I do really recommend Universe, and I'm excited to start using them more.

Of course they don't have the most advanced functionality when compared to other app builders - that's not what they're meant to do.

The reason I like Universe is because if I'm on a bus, or I have an idea on the fly, I can just make it happen.

If I have something I want to start in a weekend, a small project, or a small item I want to try to sell, Universe makes all that incredibly easy.

It's a prototyping tool, it's not meant to build a massive business on - it's meant to incredibly quickly make something you can show to people and sell from.

And it's by far a nice enough tool that if you wanted to host an entire business on it, you could.

If you watch my streams a lot, you know I desperately want to travel once quarantine is lifted and it's safe to do so. I want to run around the world trying to solve problems and have fun while I do it. I think tools like this make building something small and simple genuinely fun and entertaining, and they make them pretty enough that you want to show it to everyone you know. I'm really looking forward to traveling and making little websites while I'm sitting on the bus, or eating at a restaurant - and it helps me spread the mission of entrepreneurship-for-fun. :)

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