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Building in Glide with Martyn Bromley

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Live streamed on: 
September 23, 2020
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0:00 - Intro

0:43 - Martyn Bromley

1:38 - Services for HeatMaps and Analytics

2:22 - Using Glide

16:12 - Google Sheets as a Website Builder 

16:39 - BannerBear

Episode Rundown:

This week we learned more about how to build amazing stuff in Glide.

Initially, we thought the app builder was too basic to do much with, but it turns out there are a ton of clever workarounds and techniques you can use to make it just as robust as any other builder.

Martyn Bromley, a friend of mine, showed us the way, and gave a ton of examples for us to work from.

We learned a ton, and I guarantee we'll be be using Glide a lot more now. :)

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What I learned this week:

I'm going to use this section as a sort of journal entry this week. It's been a huge week for EntrepreNerd and me.

Basically, I founded a small agency last week with my partner and editor Joe. This weekend we completed some work for our first clients, and one of them got back to us saying they loved the videos we made.

And we're going to get paid for it. That's the first real money we've made off of an EntrepreNerd project. We've gotten paid a little here and there for small experiments, and I'm monetizing the content by doing speaking gigs at universities, but this is the first project we built exclusively on EntrepreNerd that I've profited from.

That's so goddamn exciting - I can't express how pumped I am. We're going to do this more, I can promise you that.

It also speaks to how simple an agency is as long as you can find clients. The only real hard part of an agency is finding the clientele, and my LinkedIn network helped me a ton with that.

We've almost signed on two new clients just from one small introduction. A friend of a friend posted on Facebook about how they wish they could chop up some of their live stream content. Our mutual friend tagged me on Facebook, and said hey Max, this is what your agency does, right?

A number of people responded, saying they wanted the same service, and I contacted them as well. We got our first real clients off a Facebook post. That's insane to me, but I guess it makes sense. Find people complaining about the problem you solve - they're going to be your customers.

Anyway, that's all. I'm super excited, and we'll be making a whole lot more awesome businesses in the near future. Stay tuned. :)

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