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Creating a Service for Substack Writers

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Live streamed on: 
January 6, 2021

Episode Rundown:

What I learned this week:

Something funny happened with this project. On the weekend stream after this, Substack announced they're adding more customization to the landing pages they give you - and the lack of customization is why I started SuperStack. And so, in light of this new update from Substack, I fully expect my service to be competed with or made fully obsolete in the future.

But, so what? That will likely be years from now, and if anything, this validates my business idea. Substack is adding more functionality likely because that's what all their writers have been asking for. If the writers want more functionality, then I'm right, and my offering for fully custom landing pages for your newsletter is spot on.

Not only that, but now it's on people's minds, and now is the time I should go after the opportunity even harder.

Your business idea shouldn't be unique - the entire concept of a "blue ocean" market is ridiculous to me. If nobody has ever done it before, nothing even remotely similar, then maybe there's a reason for that.

Of course, I won't be coming up with the next Apple thinking like this, but I don't want to. I just want to solve small problems for people and get paid to do it.

So if you've got competition, good. Niche down, and solve a problem for a smaller market - or find a problem in your competitor and be better at the one thing they're shitty at.

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