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Creating an Online Course

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Live streamed on: 
June 10, 2020

Episode Rundown:

What I learned this week:

Just as a quick update on my outsourcing experiment from the last issue, no objections have been raised. All works well, and I'll have a meeting about the data I've "collected" tomorrow. The only issue, which I should have seen coming, is they might want the data in a different format. Since I've already paid to have the data collected, my choices are either do that part myself or pay for another project.

You can read my initial thoughts on outsourcing in the last issue, here.

Beyond that, I've had a bit of time off this past week, which has been something seriously abnormal for me. My to-do list got so small I actually took multiple breaks and had enough free time to play some video games with a friend.

And I feel shockingly happier. I'm normally a pretty happy guy, but working constantly, even if it's on your own passion projects, can really weigh you down. We constantly hear “work harder” and “stop working so hard” at the same time, and the balance totally depends on your situation - but, 1) if you feel unhappy, 2) you have the ability to move a to-do list item to tomorrow or next week, and 3) dealing with less today will take a big load off your shoulders, do it. It can wait.

That's nebulous and broad and you've heard it a million times, so let me go into something a bit more informational and useful. ;)

I discussed it up above in the tech tip video a little, but USE TEMPLATES. Whether it's for your website, your ad creatives, your social posts, everything. Use existing templates, and morph them to what you need. I personally made the mistake of trying to build stuff from the ground up, including my website and ads, and they quite frankly sucked. They were confusing, hardly user friendly, and none of them converted.

I assumed if I used templates for ads or websites they would come across as tacky and uninspired, and everyone would somehow notice I used a template. Neither is true, and everything I've built with templates not only looks far better but truly converts better.

If you're a designer, of course, I can eat my words. Use your skills, get creative. But if you're like me, and only understand how to make something functional, just use what the design tools have already built for you. You should see some of the crap I tried to put on the internet before I let myself use templates.

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