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Fixing Email Follow-Up

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Live streamed on: 
November 4, 2020

Episode Rundown:

What I learned this week:

Email follow-up sucks, but it's incredibly important. To get my first speaking gig, I had to follow up with someone nearly 20 times overall before we scheduled something.

While email is the place you can find just about everyone, people are busy - so busy that with many, follow-up becomes necessary to actually reach them.

Unfortunately, the only real follow-up emails I ever send or receive look something like this:

"Hey, just circling back on this..."

"Hey again, just wanted to ping you and keep this at the top of your inbox..."

"Hello! Following up again, hope to hear from you soon..."

Especially if I'm trying to reach out to someone busy, language like this is likely boring and repetitive to them - so I wanted to try and gather a few different bits of language to help my emails stand out!

And so I built a simple website on Notion where I can crowdsource different language for better follow-up: BetterFollowup.email

We're live on ProductHunt, and if you can give it a like or submit an idea, it would mean the world. Let's fix this problem, and be a bit more creative! :)

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