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January 27, 2021

Episode Rundown:

What I learned this week:

Gonna use this week's article as a journal entry.

I'm starting up the speaking at universities again - it seemed to be the most beneficial for my brand, and of course, it's social proof for my upcoming online course.

I also recently realized that I have an extra sell to sponsors. It's not just that I have awesome viewers, and regular blog readers, it's that I speak at these unis.

No-code as a space seems to be struggling with a lack of audience right now. Building apps without code is only interesting to people looking to build apps without code. Most people aren't aware of (or don't trust the concept of) no-code.

But it's, without a doubt, useful. It's still in the hype cycle, but I'm confident no-code will change the early phases of entrepreneurship drastically - that's why so many entrepreneurship professors are excited to have me talk about it in their classes - and that's where my value seems to come in.

Because I speak at universities, because I have this little connection to the education world, I'm useful to no-code. I'm not just building stuff, I'm talking about it to students, and getting them excited. I'm handing these tools to ground-level entrepreneurs that might be amazing case studies for the no-code tools one day soon.

If I continue to build that reputation among universities, and in the education space, I could be some sort of a gateway for cutting edge building-tech to the rest of the world.

That's the concept, but who knows. It's the reason my sponsors are here with me now - they like that I talk at universities the most.

I'll keep experimenting - but hopefully, this is my way to being a full-time entreprenerd. :) I just need a few more companies to believe in me, and a few more schools to work with me directly.

Looking forward to it.

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