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Planning a Product Launch

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Live streamed on: 
May 6, 2020

Episode Rundown:

What I learned this week:

This was a big week for me. I got my first paid subscribers on this newsletter. It's unbelievably exciting and I want to thank the people that subscribed. This feels like my ticket to sustaining myself via my content online, and if I can do that, I can experiment so much more - then share what I learn with you. It's gonna be fun - I can't wait. <3

Beyond that, I've had some good conversations this week. One was around building the agency we discussed on a prior stream. My editor, Joe, pulled in a video editor friend of his and we had a discussion around how to get started. I'm putting up a small landing page on my website, and we're searching LinkedIn hashtags (#LinkedInLive and #LinkedInVideo) to find creators that live stream and make videos.

Then, essentially my only plan is to reach out to those creators and ask them if they're breaking up the recordings of their live streams into social videos - and if they would like to outsource it. It takes a lot of time to edit videos of that size, so we might be able to provide value there. That's my entire theory behind the agency. I'll keep you updated if I'm able to find any clients, and what feedback I get on the service offering.

My theory is that the live stream editing will get us somewhere quicker than typical social video editing because it's unique, and we stand out more among the mass of other video agencies on LinkedIn - but who the hell knows. Let's find out. More soon.

On a more informative note, here are a couple of things that helped me a ton in productivity this week:

  1. I batched activities. For instance, making videos. I do a lot of similar tasks all at once because there's a mental and physical "switching cost" to changing activities. It doesn't feel like time lost, but it adds up. I have to get the camera set up, or I have to open Grammarly and set up a document to start writing, or just get into a different mental state to do a different activity. I would advise combining similar activities on your to-do list. It saves time - the same way batching meetings during certain days does.
  2. I've had a LinkedIn automation running for the past month that reaches out to entrepreneurship professors, and it ended up netting me a little virtual speaking gig! I'll make a video tutorial in the future on how to set up that automation. It's nice - it's basically outreach on autopilot. (Using Phantombuster, if you want to fiddle with it yourself.
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