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Playing with a New Tool: Uizard

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July 1, 2020

Episode Rundown:

What I learned this week:

So remember last week how I was all jazzed up about outsourcing? Well, I had a little wake-up call recently. I initially outsourced a research project that a client had assigned me, and that went well. But after my submission, a ton more was demanded, and half of the data points I paid for weren't used. This is frustrating, but I suppose it would have been more frustrating if I had done all the work myself.

However, I outsourced the entire project, and now new parameters have been added because of poor communication on my client's part. That has now resulted in a ton of wasted work - work that I paid to be completed.

I'm doing another round of paid research to fix up the project with my client's new ideas, and all should be well there, but I should have hashed that all out before I paid for anything to be done.

Moral of the story is this: Don't outsource immediately if the parameters of the project are still even slightly in flux. Nail down all the details first so you know exactly what needs to be done, then outsource.

Maybe that means doing the first piece of the project yourself and checking with your client before "completing" the rest.

Besides that, I had the opportunity to do my first paid consulting gig this past week - and that was exciting. I taught someone how to live stream with my exact setup, and they paid me $40/hour for a total of 2 hours. Not a bad deal.

It's funny, I initially didn't want to do it, so I priced myself higher than I thought anyone would accept (at 40 per hour). But apparently people pay that stuff for solid consulting - and I helped him get totally set up to go live, so I'm confident I provided value.

Unfortunately, this was a random inbound request, so I can't give advice on how to find any consulting gigs like this. I just make relatively unique content on LinkedIn, and one person happened to take notice.

Something I can recommend though, if you do end up recommending any equipment or purchases to anyone, send them an affiliate link! I made an extra 4 bucks by sending the client affiliate links to amazon products I've bought.

I'll make a tech tutorial next week on how to make those affiliate links. :)

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